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WATCH: #RealCSI - Crime Scene Examiners

Blog post   •   Jun 17, 2016 15:05 BST

[IMAGE - Fingerprints taken by a Met Crime Scene Examiner]

As part of a series highlighting the variety of roles in The Met, we take a closer look at the #RealCSI Crime Scene Examiners. 

Watch #RealCSI Tania describe what it's like in our latest video:

Often some of the first on the scene, it's the job of the Crime Scene Examiner to find and collect evidence to support criminal investigations. It's a challenging role, but The Met has some of the most experienced Examiners in the country. They've seen it all before, and sometimes it can be a bit gruesome, but their specialist skills and techniques ensure The Met catch the criminals and present clear evidence for the courts to convict them, and ensure we can rule out people from any other lines of inquiry.

Tania is a Crime Scene Examiner in north London and has more than 15 years experience: "I love being a scene examiner - I deal with something different everyday. Even though I can be called to go to some really horrible scenes, when I recover evidence that then leads to the person who committed the crime being identified - it's all worth it."

Interactive Graphic: Explore the equipment and techniques #RealCSI Crime Scene Examiners use on this interactive image below: