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Allegations against former officer proven as gross misconduct

News   •   Dec 20, 2018 13:31 GMT

Misconduct allegations against a former officer have been found proven.

Former DC Andrew Lock, who was based at the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters, answered allegations that his conduct amounted to breaches of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of “duties and responsibilities” at a misconduct hearing which started on Tuesday, 18 December.

The following allegations were made against former DC Lock, and relate to a case when he worked for Northamptonshire Police and failing to conduct a thorough or effective investigation into allegations of online sexual abuse and grooming of a child:

- failing to view or use evidence available from the download of mobile phones or SIM cards – proven as gross misconduct.

- failing to secure evidence from the victim by conducting or otherwise arranging an ‘Achieving Best Evidence’ interview – misconduct admitted.

- failing to provide Interpol with information that would have allowed Spanish police to follow a line of enquiry – proven as gross misconduct

- failing, if he had concerns about his skill-set, competency or training requirements that would have obstructed him effectively carrying out this investigation, to bring such concerns to the attention of his supervisors or otherwise to seek such assistance that would have enable him to diligently carry out this work – misconduct admitted.

The panel decided to impose no disciplinary action in this instance. Former DC Lock has left the MPS.