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Allegations of using unnecessary and unreasonable force not proven

News   •   Oct 05, 2018 21:27 BST

Misconduct allegations against four officers accused of using “unnecessary and unreasonable force” during an arrest were not proven.

The four police constables listed below answered allegations that their conduct amounts to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of “use of force”, “authority, respect and courtesy”, and “discreditable conduct” during a misconduct hearing which concluded on Thursday, 5 October.

- PC Louise Coleman, based at Roads and Transport Policing Command;
- PC Jade Lubin, based at Trident and Area Crime Command;
- PC Gulbadan Aulakh, based at West Area Command; and,
- PC Jack Douglass, based at West Area Command.

It was alleged that in March 2014 at Northolt Underground Station, the officers assaulted a member of the public whilst on duty, and arrested him without lawful cause.

The alleged assault consisted of hitting the man with a baton, spraying him with CS spray, pushing him, holding him on the ground and handcuffing him.

The panel, led by an independent legally qualified chair, considered all of the evidence presented by the appropriate authority on behalf of the IOPC and the defence provided by the four officers.

At the conclusion of the evidence the panel concluded that all misconduct matters against the officers were not proven.