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Commissioner attends Passing-Out Parade

News   •  Apr 21, 2017 14:00 BST

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Cressida Dick attended her first Passing-Out Parade at Hendon.

A passing-out parade is a traditional ceremony which marks the transition from trainee police officer to probationer.

During the parade, held on Friday, 21 April, officers marched onto the parade square accompanied by music performed by The Parachute Regiment and performed drills as instructed by their drill Sergeant. They were then inspected by a reviewing officer; in this case, the Commissioner who then took to the stand to offer words of encouragement, support and recognition of their chosen career path.

In addition there is an award ceremony for the top performing students. This is carried out in front of their family and friends.

The Met's passing-out parades have taken place at Hendon since 1934 and the Commissioner would have had her own parade when she began as a probationary constable in 1983.

At today's parade there were 88 new recruits passing-out who will now join their respective boroughs to keep the Capital safe.

Of today's ceremony, the Commissioner Cressida Dick, said: "It is an honour to serve London, and in what I believe is a fantastic job to do so.

"The Metropolitan Police Service has a rich history and has a global reputation for its high standards in serving the public, of which these officers will now become a part of. I was first a police constable over 30 years ago at Hendon, which I remember well for all the support and encouragement I received - these officers indeed, have a very promising future ahead."