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Commissioner's appearance on LBC

News   •   Nov 17, 2015 13:19 GMT

Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe appeared this morning, Tuesday, 17 November, on Nick Ferrari's Breakfast show on LBC Radio.

Speaking to Nick and taking calls from members of the public, the Commissioner confirmed that additional firearms officers will be on the streets on a daily basis. 

The Commissioner reassured the audience that the Metropolitan Police Service had sufficient armed officers to deal with potential multiple attacks but acknowledges the need be more resilient.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said: "We are an unarmed force, despite this being a huge city, in a huge country, and we are proud of that. There are probably only four police forces in the world that are unarmed. I think what Paris has shown us is that we need to have a mobile reserve. I've got a good idea how that can be achieved, and over the next few weeks, as we work out the details, I will make further announcements."

When asked about comments on a shoot to kill policy, the Commissioner said: "I can make it clear that we do not have a shoot to kill policy. The law says that the police can use reasonable force, firstly to stop a crime, and secondly, to arrest someone who is putting someone else in danger. 

"If someone's life is as risk, a police officer can intervene. If they are armed or otherwise so dangerous - we can stop them. What we must do is support our officers. My officers need to know that we are all behind them, that the decisions that they take in that half-a-second are going to be unencumbered by thoughts that put doubt in their minds. So we work within the law - we make sure that those on the other side - the terrorist - know that whilst we are as determined as they are, as ruthless as they are, there is a difference between us. We work within the law."