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*UPDATE* Conditions imposed on Extinction Rebellion protests

News   •   Oct 15, 2019 16:30 BST

Charge and conditions update:

A total of 92 people connected to the Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Uprising’ protests have been charged with offences including failing to comply with a condition imposed under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986, criminal damage, and obstruction of a highway.

So far a total of 1,489 people have been arrested in connection with the protests.

Below are names of those most recently charged:

Rosalind Jane Baker, 64 (25.02.1992) of Northampton Road, Croydon
Sylvia Boyes, 76 (21.08.1943) of Wimborne Drive, Keighley, West Yorkshire
Steve Eeckelaers, 46 (21.06.1973) of West Farm Avenue, Newcastle
Kai Findlay, 32 (10.10.1987) of Tinker’s Bell, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somerset
Graham Smith, 53 (25.05.1966) of Belle Vue Road, Salisbury
Chriselle Lamb, 19 (08.06.2000) of Bonchurch Road, Brighton
Bryan Mongelli, 26 (25.03.1994) of Birstall Road, Liverpool
Imogen Phillips, 21 (13.02.1999) of Gilchrist Gardens, Southampton
Robert Harry Possnett, 58 (21.06.1961) of Nacton Lane, Great Barton
Heiko Raisch, 35 (01.03.1985) of Bavaria, Ausburg, Germany
Jim Sargison, 39 (03.08.1980) of Llanhydrock
Stephanie Smith, 52 (17.05.1967) of Gorsey Bank, Matlock, Wirksworth
Angela Zelter, 68 (05.06.1951) of Church Street, Knighton, Powys

Two individuals has been charged but has refused to provide police with their name. Anyone who fails to provide their details will be remanded in custody to appear at court the next day.

The majority of those charged will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court between 6 and 15 November. Others will appear at Camberwell and Thames Magistrates’ Courts.

Those arrested but not charged have been released under investigation.

Conditions imposed on Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Uprising’:

The Metropolitan Police Service has not banned protests or protests by Extinction Rebellion across London.

The MPS has imposed conditions under Section 14 of the Public order Act 1986 upon the Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Uprising’ demonstrations which have been taking place for nine days.

The conditions state: “Any assembly linked to the Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Uprising’… must now cease their protest(s) within London (Metropolitan Police Service, and City of London areas) by 21:00hrs [on Monday] 14th October 2019”.

Protestors have been notified and were given the opportunity to leave the site. Anyone who fails to comply with the condition is liable for arrest and prosecution.

Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 is legislation used by a senior officer to impose conditions on a public assembly where it is believed serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to life of the community may result, or it is believed the organisers of that assembly will intimidate or compel others to do unlawful acts.

Under Section 14, a senior officer can specify the location, duration and number of participants of an assembly. The use of this legislation is not unusual, and has been used as recently as last week in order to prevent static assemblies causing serious disruption or serious harm.

This condition will remain in place until the activities of Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Uprising’ cease.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said:
“I want to be absolutely clear, the conditions put in place yesterday afternoon do not in any way ban protests from London, nor do they ban the activities of Extinction Rebellion as a group. These conditions specifically state that any assembly linked to Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Autumn Uprising’ must now cease.

“Previous conditions which stated Extinction Rebellion could lawfully protest in the pedestrianised area of Trafalgar Square were repeatedly breached. The decision to impose further conditions was made in order to help us get London moving again. It is a lawful decision which we felt is entirely proportionate and reasonable to impose after nine days of sustained, unlawful assembly and protest by Extinction Rebellion.

“If Extinction Rebellion or any other group come to us with a proposal for a lawful protest, which does not cause the serious disruption to London we have witnessed over the past nine days, then of course we will discuss that. But what we cannot allow is for central London to be brought to a standstill.

“A significant police operation is ongoing, and we will continue to take robust action against anyone assembling or protesting unlawfully.”