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Emergency services honoured by public at Global Awards

News   •   Mar 02, 2018 11:28 GMT

[Image: From left Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, Dany Cotton from London Fire Brigade, Kate Garraway and Garret Emmerson from the London Ambulance Service]

Britain’s brave emergency services have been honoured at 'The Global Awards 2018’ - a ceremony recognising the best in radio music, news and programmes from 2017.

Listeners from radio stations up and down the country including Capital FM, LBC and Heart FM were given the opportunity to vote for winners in a variety of categories that included the 'The Best News Moment, Interview or Debate' of the year .

Thousands of people put forward their nominations in this category at the star-studded event at London's Eventim Apollo on Thursday, 1 March.

The overriding suggestion by the public was to recognise the dedication and bravery of the nations first responders - police, ambulance and fire brigade - for unwavering heroism during some of last year’s atrocities.

2017 saw the emergency services respond across the UK to multiple terrorist attacks, as well as the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

TV presenter Kate Garraway presented representatives from London's emergency services with the prestigious award.

Speaking at the event, Kate Garraway said: “It’s my huge, huge honour to present such an important award tonight.

“This category was an open public entry meaning the public were able to suggest anything to be nominated. There were tens of thousands of entries with a huge variety of suggestions. But the overriding theme that kept coming through was of course last year’s multiple tragic events, whether that be Manchester, Grenfell, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge.

“Amongst all that tragedy, which affected us all in some kind of a way, one theme kept emerging again and again. Something that is common to all these events. And that is the brave and courageous response to each and every one of those cases of our first responders.

“I’m talking about the incredible police, fire, ambulance and rescue services. Those that were first on the scene. They often witness things that no person however much training should ever have to witness and have had to do things that no person should ever be asked to do. They are, in my view and I’m sure in your view, true heroes.”

“Rather than giving this award for journalistic coverage of these news stories, it seemed frankly only fitting that this award should go to each and every first responder that dealt with the multiple and tragic events last year. So to them, we all say thank you.”

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley accepted the award on behalf of the police service, described receiving the award as “fantastically heart warming”.

He said: “Thank you very much. I stood outside Scotland Yard too many times last year updating on the events across the country. Not least was the death of one of my colleagues who died defending Parliament. But throughout the whole thing, I was so proud of the police service across the country. The bravery of the officers first on the scenes, such as the firearms officers who confronted people they thought were wearing suicide vests, the compassion of officers who were dealing with the victims and their families and the diligence of the detectives who follow up the cases and at the same time last year prevented another 14 potential attack plots.

“It’s fantastically heart-warming to be so well appreciated by the public. Thank you all very much for voting for us”

Dany Cotton, London Fire Brigade said: “First of all, thank you so very much to everybody who wanted to recognise the work of the emergency services.

“Last year was an incredibly tough year for all of us and I’m immensely proud to be standing here representing all of the UK fire service for an outstanding year and very proud to be doing so with my two colleagues here. The work we do together as blue light services is outstanding”

Garret Emmerson, London Ambulance Service said: “I think as Dany and Mark have already said, I equally am incredibly humbled to be here and proud to be representing not only the London Ambulance Service and the North West Ambulance Service, but all of the Ambulance Services across the country who work together with us to make sure we are there when you need us most.”