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Man jailed for 15 years for injuring two other men

News   •   Dec 08, 2018 17:32 GMT

[Jailed]: Mojtaba Shams

A man who slashed one man in the face with a knife and headbutted another has been jailed for 15 years.

Mojtaba Shams, 46 (23/04/1972), of Flat 2,122 Hale Lane,NW7 was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Friday, 7 December for ABH; wounding with intent; possession of an offensive weapon; possession of a bladed article and threatening another with a knife.

The court heard that on Saturday, 10 March, Shams had been drinking and socialising at his home with a friend from about 22:00hrs.

Shams was contacted on Facebook by an associate, who asked for his telephone number.

Shams spoke to the man, who then passed the phone over to another associate who Shams had had a falling out with years previously.

Shams became upset and challenged the man to come to his address after he took exception to comments he made.

At about 01:37hrs CCTV showed Shams running out of his address with a mobile phone in one hand a large kitchen knife in the other, followed by the friend he had been drinking with.

He was observed on CCTV going towards Granville Place and was seen returning a few minutes later pursued by his friend and the two males, one of whom had sustained a slash wound to his cheek.

The men congregated outside the address and began pushing and shoving each other. The other male tried to speak to Shams, who then head-butted him in the face several times before going back inside.

Eventually all the males went inside Shams' address before returning back outside, Shams this time armed with a baseball bat as he paced around.

The males left and police arrived. Shams claimed he had been attacked by the group but CCTV revealed he had been the aggressor.

Upon his arrest Shams claimed he could not feel his legs and was taken to hospital for treatment; a claim he continued through the judicial process. It is suspected

he had been claiming to be paralysed so as to receive a more lenient sentence.

The male who had sustained a facial wound required reconstructive surgery and continues to be affected by his injuries to this day, he has now suffered hearing loss.

+ A 34 year old female who was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender was subsequently released with no further action.