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Man jailed for firearm offences, Hackney

News   •  Apr 21, 2017 18:09 BST

[Warren Meade]

A man who was spotted by a CCTV operator to be in possession of a gun in Hackney has been jailed.

Warren Meade, 32 (24.02.85), of Paragon Road, Hackney, had pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and possession of a firearm when prohibited for five years at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday, 18 April.

He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for possession of a firearm and one year imprisonment for possession of a firearm when prohibited - both sentences are to run consecutively.

In the early hours of Saturday, 18 February this year Meade was spotted by local authority CCTV to be having a heated discussion with a number of men in Gillett Square, E8.

At about 02:30hrs Meade left the location and walked across the square to some steps.

The CCTV operator followed him on the cameras and saw Meade put his hand to the front of his waistband and lift his coat up.

He then swiftly moved an object, which operators thought looked like a firearm, into the left side of his jacket and he placed his left arm there.

At this point the CCTV operator then contacted police.

Meade then went back to Gillett Square and had another heated discussion with the same men. He then left the location and boarded a 149 bus in Kingsland Road.

Officers attended the scene and followed the bus Meade was on.

After a few minutes Meade got off further down Kingsland Road.

Officers stopped and searched Meade, found the firearm and arrested him at about 03:00hrs.

Meade told the arresting officers: "It's not real, I just took it there in order to show a couple of people it to get some respect."

The firearm was sent to a laboratory to be examined and it was found to be an Ekol Special 99 - a live firearm.

Meade was charged on Saturday, 18 February.

He was convicted as above.

DC Neha Mehta, the investigating officer from the Met's Trident Area Crime Command, said:

"This operation has ensured that a firearm has been taken off the streets of Hackney.

"Gun crime has a devastating affect on communities and families. Anyone found to be involved in the storing or use of lethal firearms will face a significant custodial sentence.

"We carry out regular, proactive operations targeting those with illegal weapons and we remain committed to removing as many guns from the streets of London as we can."