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Man jailed for firearms offences

News   •   Jun 26, 2019 12:42 BST

[Image of recovered firearm]

A man who attempted to use a pistol with a silencer to rob a man in his car in Edgware was sentenced to six years in prison and four years on licence on Tuesday, 25 June at Harrow Crown Court.

PC Alex Edwards, from the Met’s Gangs Unit in Barnet, said: “Not only has a violent individual been removed from London’s streets for the next six years, but a lethal weapon that has absolutely no place in the capital has been removed as well.

“I have no doubt that if we had not caught Adjei and found the gun that he was in possession of, he would have continued to offend and that at some point that weapon would have caused serious harm to someone.”

During this trial, the judge and jury heard how on 8 November 2018, Nathan Adjei, 19 (05.09.99) of Rannoch Close, Edgware, Barnet was riding his bike along Fairmead Crescent with a carrier bag hanging off the right handlebar.

He cycled past the victim, a 36-year-old man who was sitting in his vehicle in the driver’s seat.

A short time later, the victim noticed movement next to the driver-side window and opened it halfway. He noticed that it was the male who had cycled past him a few minutes earlier who then asked, "What's the time?" The victim replied "Twenty past eight."

Without another word being spoken, the male then rode off towards some garages.

About a minute later, the same male approached the car on foot with his hands under his black puffa-style jacket.

The victim immediately thought that there was going to be a problem. He opened his window a small amount at which point the man pulled out a black handgun from the waistband of his trousers. He then tried to open the driver’s door, and tapped the window several times with the gun.

Fearing for his safety, the victim immediately put his car in gear and quickly drove away, nearly colliding with a van on his way. He called the police as he fled the scene to inform them of what had just happened.

At 20:50hrs, firearms officers arrived on the scene and saw a male matching the description of Adjei cycling along Broadfields Avenue with a carrier bag on his handlebars – the same as the first time he cycled past the victim on Fairmead Crescent.

As the firearms officers blocked his path, Ajdei abandoned his bike and ran down an alleyway at the side of Midsummer Court. Officers shouted warnings and drew their weapons.

He was then seen trying to discard items by a parked car in the area of Midsummer Court before climbing over a fence in the rear gardens of Wyre Gardens. An officer managed to grab hold of his foot as he went over the fence, but he pulled free; Adjei was lost going over a further fence.

Officers searching for the male were spoken to by a member of public who informed them that a man matching the same description had run past him on Marlborough Avenue, towards Glengall Road.

CCTV operators then checked footage from a camera on Glengall Road,in close proximity of where the male was lost. This showed a male enter Glengall Wines at 20:53hrs; he matched the description of Adjei. He remained in the shop for five minutes before being picked up at 20:58hrs by a red Vauxhall Astra, which was registered to his brother. The car drove off whilst the male was still getting in, and before he had closed his door.

A number of officers returned to the scene on Midsummer Court where Adjei had been seen to discard a number of items. A grey Nike satchel bag was located, inside it was a handgun silencer.

At the bottom of the fence that Adjei had climbed over was a Samsung mobile phone and in the vicinity, officers found a Carrara pedal cycle with a carrier bag hanging from the handlebars which contained a pair of white trainers.

The next day, 9 November 2018, officers viewed CCTV footage of Adjei entering the shop and using the shopkeepers’ phone. He remained in the store until he was picked up by his brother; however he was no longer wearing his jacket.

Officers, with the help of Police Dog Fizz returned to Wyre Gardens to carry out further searches. Partially covered by some leaves, a handgun was found and retrieved.

On Marlborough Avenue behind a row of bins, a black puffa-style jacket was also recovered. DNA forensics linked the jacket to Adjei.

The firearms and silencer were submitted for forensic analysis and came back positive with Adjei’s DNA.

He was arrested outside of his home. During his arrest, Adjei assaulted a police officer. He was further arrested for this and for possession with intent to supply. Both of these investigations remain ongoing.

Adjei provided ‘no comment’ to all questions put to him in his interview.

He was charged on Saturday, 2 February with:

- Possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence;
- Attempted robbery;
- Possession of a firearm without a certificate.

Just before his trial was due to start, Adjei changed his plea from not guilty to guilty on all three charges.

Concluding, PC Edwards, added: “Anyone who thinks that they can run around London armed with a gun and silencer should use this case as an example that officers from the Met will continue to arrest and prosecute criminals and take these dangerous weapons off the streets.”