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Man jailed for stabbing friend in the neck

News   •   Jul 24, 2017 12:57 BST

[JAILED: Toader-Marius Morosan]

A man who stabbed his friend in the throat in a fit of drunkenness has been jailed for over four years.

Toader-Marius Morosan, 38 (02.02.79) of Marsh Lane, Stanmore, pleaded guilty to Section 18 GBH against a 53-year-old man at an address in Constable Gardens, Edgware at Harrow Crown Court. 

Morosan was sentenced at court on Thursday, 20 July to four years and four months' imprisonment.

The court heard that on Tuesday, 27 May, Morosan had visited relatives at the address, and the victim also lived there.

Morosan was drunk, and at some point during the day had demanded a sum of money from the victim. The victim told Morosan he did not have any cash.

Later that day, at around 17:30hrs, Morosan entered the kitchen where the victim was washing up, and suddenly picked up a knife and stabbed him in the throat.

The London Ambulance Service was called, and paramedics treated the victim's wound. He was taken to hospital and received stitches. He has since recovered from his injuries.

A witness in the kitchen had grabbed Morosan as he lunged with the knife, potentially preventing more serious injury.

Morosan fled the scene but was later arrested at his home address, as a result of arrest enquiries. When interviewed Morosan tried to play the attack off as a joke that went too far. He was charged on 30 May. 

He was convicted at Harrow Crown Court on 30 June. 

DC Amin Kohzadbayat, the officer in the case for Barnet CID, said: "Morosan's violent tendencies were brought out by his alcohol consumption. On this occasion, the victim is lucky to be alive as the knife penetrated his Adam's apple, and was only stopped as a witness intervened."