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Man who threatened to set fire to bank in Bromley jailed

News   •   Feb 08, 2019 12:57 GMT

Jason Duncan-King attepted to set fire to a bank in Bromley

A man who attempted to set fire to a bank after a payment was blocked from his account has been jailed.

At Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday, 16 January, Jason Duncan-King, 51 (06.10.67), of Sevenoaks pleaded guilty to committing attempted arson being reckless as to whether life would be endangered.

He was sentenced to three and a half years' imprisonment at the same court on Thursday, 7 February.

The court heard that Duncan-King had gone to Metro Bank on High Street, Bromley on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 to dispute a payment which had been blocked from his account.

He quickly became angry with staff and threatened to return later in the day, saying they would not like what he was going to do next.

Around an hour later, Duncan-King returned to the building, carrying a petrol can in a shopping bag.

He first approached the same member of staff and advised him to clear the bank, before pouring the petrol over himself, the counter and the rest of the store, damaging flooring, computer equipment and furniture to the cost of more than £11,000.

A number of staff also had petrol poured on them while others fell on the liquid and suffered minor injuries.

Officers arrived at the scene to find Duncan-King with matches in his hand which they swiftly removed from him.

He was arrested and taken into custody where he was later charged.

Detective Constable Jamie Kirby, from South Area CID, said: “The officers who first attended the scene showed extreme bravery and put the safety of staff and customers before themselves.

“This incident could have been significantly worse if not for the swift and selfless intervention of these officers – actions which may well have saved the life of Duncan-King and others."

Detective Sergeant Danielle Power, who led the investigation, said: "Duncan-King had no regard for the safety of others and despite causing no serious physical injuries, his actions have had a big impact on the lives of many staff present on the day.

“The work of all of the officers involved in this investigation, as well as our colleagues from the London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade should be recognised, as well as the assistance of Metrobank who helped us secure a successful prosecution."