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Met police officers deployed to assist policing response to Hurricane Irma

News   •   Sep 09, 2017 20:37 BST

A team of Met officers are being deployed to the British Virgin Islands today, Saturday, 9 September where they will assist in the UK policing response to Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean.

The team, comprising one Inspector, two Sergeants and 14 Constables will board a military flight from Brize Norton to Barbados and from there will be deployed to provide policing support to the British Virgin Islands Police Force. This support is expected to take the form of maintaining general law and order.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Terry of the Metropolitan Police said: "Our thoughts at this terrible time are with all the families in the Caribbean who have lost loved ones or whose lives have been decimated by this disaster.

"The team, who have all volunteered to assist at this tragic time will be providing support to their colleagues and will help to reassure local people.

"Following a request made through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for assistance with humanitarian aid the Met immediately responded to assist the UK policing response led by the National Police Chief’s Council. The officers, who work in a variety of roles across the Met, will be sworn in as Special Constabulary which allows them to perform and have the same legal powers as their colleagues.

"The officers will be deployed under the management of the British Virgin Islands Police, but the Met will remain in constant contact with officers to provide them with 24 hour welfare support should they need it.

"The initial number of officers deployed and the length of their deployment will be kept under review.

"I know that this will be an arduous and difficult deployment for our officers and am proud that so many officers have offered their assistance so enthusiastically - this speaks volumes for the dedication of those working in the Metropolitan Police and across the country."