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Moped robber who targeted women jailed

News   •   Nov 04, 2019 10:58 GMT

[Image: Jake Cramp]

A man who committed a series of moped-enabled offences targeting women carrying their handbags has been jailed.

Jake Cramp, 24 (01.11.95) of Acton Lane, W4 was jailed for a total of eight years and nine months at Isleworth Crown Court, after being found guilty of the following offences:

- Six counts of robbery;
- three counts of theft;
- Two counts of attempted robbery;
- Two counts of attempted theft;
- One count of fraud; and,
- One count of possession of an offensive weapon.

Between 5 and 12 April, Cramp committed 15 offences across west London – Acton, Chiswick and Hounslow.

In all but one case, he targeted women and their handbags, and on occasion threatened or used violence with a baton. Cramp either snatched the bag from behind whilst on his moped and sped off, or committed the offence on foot before making his escape on the moped. 

The first victim was a 73-year-old woman whose handbag was snatched in Ashbourne Road, W5 on 5 April 2019. The bag contained around £3,000 in cash.

On a number of occasions, the victim suffered injuries after their handbag was forcibly tugged causing them to fall to the floor.

One had her bag pulled so hard it caused her to fall face first onto the pavement, fracturing her shoulder and causing facial injuries. Another was knocked unconscious.

After one robbery, he used one of the victims debit cards and withdrew £190 in cash from a nearby cash machine. 

During each offence, the suspect was wearing a bright yellow crash helmet with a black visor and the offences were later linked.

One of the victims took a picture of the attacker. The moped used in the robberies was located, and situated near to Cramp’s home address.

Subsequent CCTV enquiries led officers from the Met’s Operation Venice team, who led the investigation, to Cramp.

Cramp was arrested on 19 April after officers executed a search warrant at his home address. At the address, officers found property stolen during the robberies. He was charged with a number of offences a short time after. 

Chief Inspector Jim Corbett, from Operation Venice, said: “Jake Cramp callously went out on each of these days with the sole intention to rob and steal, brazenly targeting women and sometimes resorting to further violence.

“Operation Venice officers quickly linked the offences and then closed in on Cramp, who was identified within a week of the spate of incidents and arrested.

“This jail sentence sees another criminal removed from London’s streets of London. The Operation Venice team is tireless in its mission to bring people involved in moped-enabled crime to justice, and making London a safer place.”

Cramp was sentenced on Tuesday, 29 October

Summary of offences: 

Count 1 – Handbag snatch theft in Ashbourne Road, W5 on 5 April 2019. Victim (1) is a 73-year-old woman – not injured.

Count 2 – Moped-enabled robbery of handbag in Wellesley Road W4 on 7 April 2019. Woman (victim 2) knocked over and suffered head injuries, and bruising.

Count 3 – Moped-enabled robbery of handbag at entrance to Chiswick Staithe Estate on 7 April 2019. Second robbery (first is count 2). Victim (3) is 63-year-old woman – fractured shoulder which requires physio, and head injury from fall.

Count 4 – Moped-enabled robbery of handbag in Sheen Avenue, SW14 on 10 April 2019. Victim 4 is 31-year-old woman – not injured.

Count 5 – Moped-enabled robbery of 50-year-old woman (victim 5) in Wellesley Road, 10 April 2019. Victim suffered head injury following tug and fall.

Count 6 – Theft of handbag in Bridge View Road, W6 on 10 April 2019 (victim 6).

Count 7 – Fraud relating to expenditure on card belonging to victim 2.

Count 8 – Theft of backpack by moped rider in Station Road SW13 on 10 April 2019 (victim 7)

Count 9 – Moped enabled robbery of handbag in Station Road SW13 (8 minutes after 

count 8 offence) on 10 April 2019. Threatened victim with a cosh, but no injury. (victim 8)

Count 10 and 11 – attempted robbery and possession of an offensive weapon – victim 9 hit with baton several times by moped rider in British Grove W6 on 10 April 2019. Bag not taken.

Count 12 – Attempted theft of handbag (victim 10) by moped rider who mounted pavement in Grant Way, Hounslow TW7 on 10 April 2019. Pliers and a baton fell from moped – DNA matched to Cramp later after testing.

Count 13 – Attempted theft of handbag (victim 11) in Woodstock Road W4 on 12 April 2019

Count 14 – Robbery (victim 12) immediately follows count 13 offence on 12 April 2019.  Victim tried to stop Cramp escaping – hit in the face with a broken wing mirror (Cramp had crashed his moped). Stole man’s briefcase.

Count 15 – Attempted moped-enabled handbag snatch robbery – victim 13 dragged but held on to bag.