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MPS response to Mr Justice Mitting's judgement

News   •   Feb 17, 2017 11:10 GMT

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, said: "We rigorously defended the claims against us in this case as we strongly believed that it was right and justifiable to pursue these men as part of the investigation into Daniel Morgan's murder. The Judge has found in our favour in relation to the three men that were charged with Daniel's murder. 

"In relation to Sidney Fillery we acknowledge the Judge's findings in relation to the misfeasance part of the claim and what he said about ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Cook. We are considering the appropriate next step to take.

"It is not right to make any comment about the murder of Daniel without recognising that over the last thirty years Daniel's family has fought tirelessly to seek justice for him. No one has ever been convicted of his murder, nor have they stood trial. Daniel and his family have not had justice.

"Whilst we welcome this judgement, I am mindful that the work of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel is ongoing, and we continue to work with them, as they seek to fully examine the circumstances of Daniel's murder, and the handling of the case since 1987."