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Officer dismissed, Hackney

News   •   Mar 25, 2019 16:22 GMT

An officer based in Hackney has been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service following the conclusion of a gross misconduct hearing.

PC Jonathan Blake answered allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the standards of professional behaviour in relation to Honesty and Integrity, Orders and Instructions, Duties and Responsibilities and Discreditable Conduct.

The hearing panel found all the allegations proven and PC Blake was dismissed without notice at the conclusion of the hearing on Monday, 25 March.

It was alleged that in May 2017 PC Blake drove his vehicle late at night and collided with a highway sign causing damage in Harpenden; he then left his vehicle in a position which was dangerous to other road users. PC Blake failed to report this collision to the police and as a result was convicted of this offence.

Furthermore, he failed to attend work the next day calling in sick. Police took a sample of breath which indicated that he was over the limit appropriate to attend work, he then provided a dishonest/misleading statement relating to how much alcohol he had consumed that night.