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Prolific moped thief and robber jailed

News   •   May 29, 2019 16:48 BST

Jailed: Jumaane Cadogan

A prolific thief and robber who used a moped to snatch phones from his victims across north London was sentenced to over three years’ imprisonment on Wednesday, 29 May.

Jumaane Cadogan 19 (24.08.99) of Prebend Street, Islington was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court to three years’ and 10 months’ imprisonment for 12 counts of theft, an attempted theft, and theft of a motor vehicle (22 months); and two counts of robbery (24 months) to run consecutively. He also received four months for driving without due care and attention, driving with no insurance and driving whilst disqualified - to run concurrently. He had pleaded guilty at the same court on Monday, 13 May.

Cadogan started his crime spree on Tuesday, 12 March after he stole a £1,300 white Honda moped, and a crash helmet, which was parked on Shoreditch High Street in Hackney. He then used the moped on five separate days to ride up on pavements behind pedestrians and snatch their high-value phones from their hands – collectively, worth more than £11,000. These offences were committed across Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Islington.

On two occasions, Cadogan mercilessly, and wholly unprovoked, physically assaulted two of his victims. On Sunday, 17 March at 13:15hrs, he rode up to a woman who was using a £1,000 iPhone X on Wallis Road in Hackney. He punched her in the face and grabbed her phone.

On the same day, on Worship Street in Islington, he was unsuccessful in trying to snatch a female pedestrian’s £750 iPhone XR due to her fending him off.

Two days later, at 13:20hrs, on Pitfield Street in Hackney, he rode up to a man, punched him in the chest and grabbed his phone.

On Wednesday, 20 March, Cadogan abandoned the stolen moped and helmet in Tower Hamlets; these were later recovered by local police.

Eight days later, Islington Council CCTV operators reported to police that they had seen a man riding a £1,000 black Honda moped without a crash helmet. Local officers spotted and stopped the Honda and detained Cadogan - who gave a false name and account of how he obtained the moped, claiming his helmet had been stolen.

A mobile fingerprint device was used at the scene and Cadogan’s true identity was established. It also revealed that he was disqualified from driving until 26 December 2019.

Additionally, he was found to be in possession of a holdall containing items of clothing which were later identified as those he wore during his crimes. He was searched and found to be in possession of £1,780 in cash, believed to have been received from the sale of stolen mobile phones, particularly as he is unemployed and has no fixed income.

Cadogan was initially arrested on suspicion of taking and driving away a moped and taken to a north London police station for interview.

However, this changed to arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle after the owner of the moped called police to report the moped stolen from Pentonville Road in Islington.

The Operation Venice Investigation Team, who were carrying out the investigation into the linked series of moped-enabled offences across north London, were made aware of Cadogan’s arrest.

A search of his home and personal property in custody recovered further items of clothing identified as being worn at the times of the offences. The recovered crash helmet – which he was seen wearing - was found to have his DNA on it.

On Friday, 29 March, he was arrested for the linked series of offences. He was charged with all of the offences, including the driving offences, to which he pleaded guilty.

He was remanded into custody and appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, 30 March before appearing at Wood Green Crown Court on Wednesday, 8 May.

The stolen phones have not been recovered, however, IMEI numbers have been obtained and registered on the National Mobile Phone Register. If they come in contact with police they will be returned to the owners.

Chief Inspector Jim Corbett, Operation Venice, said:
“Operation Venice continues to identify and bring to justice offenders who steal and use mopeds and motorbikes to commit crime, as is shown in this case.

“Cadogan was malicious and violent whilst offending and through the actions of the arresting officers and the tenacity of the investigators, his criminal offending has been stopped, further reinforcing our commitment to reducing moped and motorcycle crime across London.”