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Response to speculation of summer disorder

News   •   Jul 26, 2016 17:02 BST

Commander BJ Harrington, in charge of public order policing said:

"London is a really vibrant city and is always busy during the summer, when we see lots of extra events hosted in our capital.

“Our job is to police those events to prevent crime and disorder and keep our city safe for us all. That is why it is frustrating to read about unfounded speculation that we are concerned our Capital will see a summer of disorder.

“That is quite simply not the case.

“What we do do though, and continue to do, is respond quickly and effectively to any incidents that take place, and that includes the disorder we saw last week. Our response made sure that the incidents were quickly stopped and we are now arresting those people who attacked each other and then turned their violence towards us.

“Yes, this summer will be busy, but so is every year. Locally officers are already working with the organisers of the commemoration events to mark the death of Mark Duggan. Our priority is to make sure that they can do that, and do it peacefully.

“Turning to the Notting Hill Carnival. An event that we police every year and have developed huge amounts of experience in doing so. We, like everyone else who attends this fantastic event, want it to be as safe and trouble free as possible. That’s why we are working now to tackle those criminals who may seek to exploit the event to break the law.

“Every event we police we do so in a way that best meets the needs of that event and the wider community in London who want to go about their day with as little disruption as possible. It’s something we have many years of experience in doing, and are really good at.

“If you are going to any of the fantastic events our city is hosting help us out by planning your day out and keeping an eye on all your belongings. Think really carefully about the types of event, you or your children do attend though. Only last week we once again saw just how dangerous unlicensed music events can be, they attract criminals and are often just not safe.

"Anyone who is out and about in London this summer should have a great time, and do so knowing that we are working hard to keep them as safe as can."