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Section 60 order put in place across Notting Hill Carnival area

News   •   Aug 26, 2019 07:00 BST

The area covered by the scetion 60 order

The Metropolitan Police Service has this morning, Monday, 26 August, implemented a Section 60 Criminal Justice and Public Order authority across the Notting Hill Carnival geographical area and areas of Harrow Road defined in the map. The order will be in place for 15 hours, between 09:00hrs until 23:59hrs today.

Notting Hill Carnival Gold Commander Dave Musker, said: “As the Gold Commander responsible for the policing of this event, my job is to ensure everyone participating and attending can enjoy Carnival safely.

"As before every Notting Hill Carnival, the MPS worked tirelessly to develop an appropriate and proportionate policing plan; however, given the current intelligence picture and incidents of violence I have seen across the capital in the last few days, I have made the decision to authorise this order as an additional preventative measure to prevent serious violence and protect the public.

"The use of this authority will provide reassurance to communities that we are constantly working to keep them safe, and will continually adapt our policing plan to achieve this objective. It will also send a clear message to those intent on committing acts of violence that we will robustly and proactively target them should they attend Notting Hill Carnival.

"Section 60s are used tactically to prevent violence across London, and have been used for this purpose on many occasions. I want to assure you that these orders are not used without detailed analysis of intelligence and are only used where appropriate and proportionate.

"London remains a safe city where the vast majority of people can go about their daily lives unaffected by violence; however we are committed to bearing down on those who commit such acts and will do everything we can to keep Londoners safe.

"I have not made this decision lightly, but it is the police’s job to ensure the security of all those planning to attend this event. I will personally keep this order under constant review, and when I believe this no longer forms part of a proportionate policing plan, it will cease.”

As of 22:00hrs on Sunday 25 August, officers covering the carnival from the Met and British Transport Police (BTP) have arrested 97 individuals with offences including possession of offensive weapons, GBH and sexual offences.

12 x assault on police
1 x criminal damage
10 x public order offences
9 x possession of an offensive weapon
3 x theft / going equipped
41 x drug offences
3 x sexual offences
1 x robbery
2 x GBH
3 x ABH / common assault
12 x other

A number of weapons were recovered by officers across the event and 11 officers were injured and required medical attention.