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Three males convicted following the death of a teenager in Paddington

News   •   Jul 13, 2020 18:55 BST

[Victim: Yousef Beker]

Three males have been convicted following the death of a teenager, with two of those involved travelling into central London from their south London homes, intent on avenging an earlier trivial dispute. 

On Tuesday 10 September 2019, 17-year-old Yousef Beker was stabbed to death in Edgware Road, Paddington in broad daylight. 

Following a three-month trial at the Old Bailey, three defendants – two of them youths – were found guilty as follows:

[A] A 17-year-old male from Lambeth was convicted of manslaughter
[D] A 17-year-old male from Lambeth was convicted of murder and possession of an offensive weapon
[G] Zeshaun Daley, 19 (16.06.01), of Holmewood Gardens, SW2 was convicted of murder and possession of an offensive weapon. 

All are due to be sentenced at the same court on a date to be set.

The court heard how the defendants met in Edgware Road, with ‘D’ and ‘G’ travelling from their south London homes. Moments after they came together they confronted the victim, who was with friends outside a KFC restaurant. 

The catalyst for the attack was a minor spontaneous disagreement involving ‘A’ and individuals within Yousef’s group which had taken place just hours before.

As the argument became heated at the scene in Edgware Road, punches were thrown between the groups; but things then escalated when ‘D’ and ‘G’ produced knives and Yousef was stabbed in his chest.

Yousef and his group tried to flee to safety, but were pursued by the defendants. Yousef was caught and fell to the ground whereupon he was subjected to a further frenzied attack.

As he lay lifeless in the street, the three ran from the scene in various directions, discarding two knives in nearby gardens, before regrouping and travelling back south of the river.

At around 13:55hrs police and LAS were called to the scene by a number of passers-by who had attempted to assist Yousef as he lay injured. He was taken to St Mary’s Hospital but sadly the extent of his injuries was too severe and he was pronounced dead at 19:29hrs that evening. 

A post-mortem examination held on 12 September found that Yousef had died due to a fatal stab wound to his chest. He also received a stab wound to the back.

Detectives from the Specialist Crime North Command led the investigation, under DCI Andy Partridge. Given the incident took place at lunchtime on a busy London road, officers were able to trace a number of witnesses whose statements proved vital in confirming the sequence of events and assisting the investigation team in identifying and apprehending the suspects. 

DCI Andy Partridge, said: “Yousef was studying business and had his whole life ahead of him. His family have understandably been left completely devastated by his loss at the hands of the defendants, but I hope today’s result brings them some comfort.

“Fuelled by a minor row, Yousef’s attackers went out that day armed with knives, intent on committing violence; two of them travelling a significant distance to confront Yousef. 

“Not put off by undertaking such a violent attack in broad daylight in front of horrified members of the public, they subjected Yousef to a particularly brutal and sustained attack; he never stood a chance.

“It is my hope that these convictions and the sentences that will follow send out a clear message to those all too willing to engage in violence that it will simply not be tolerated. London is a safer place now these violent offenders have been brought to justice.”

The public play a huge role in helping to both prevent and detect crime. We need their help to identify those willing to commit terrible acts and carry weapons. We need to hear from anyone who has information about a crime, or about someone they suspect to be carrying a gun or other weapon or involved in organised crime. 

If you don’t want to speak to the police, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They are a totally independent charity and you remain 100 per cent anonymous, they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call, your IP address or device you use. Alternatively, visit their website

Advice and support is also available through organisations including Knife Free and the Met's website

Any youngsters who have information but don’t want to speak to police can contact Fearless they are a totally independent charity and remain 100 per cent anonymous,they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call IP address or device you use.

+ Three males – [B] 16 years, [E] 17 years, [F] 20 years – who also stood trial were acquitted

An 18-year-old man [C] arrested on 13 September in connection with the investigation was subsequently released no further action.