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Commissioner Cressida Dick addressing the 2021 Police Superintendents' Association Conference
Commissioner Cressida Dick addressing the 2021 Police Superintendents' Association Conference

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Commissioner Cressida Dick addresses Police Superintendents' Association Conference

Commissioner Cressida Dick delivered a speech at this year’s annual Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) Conference today, Tuesday, 14 September.

Speaking to the audience of PSA members, the Commissioner spoke of spending time out on patrol with officers, the challenges of policing public order events, the increase in assaults against police officers and how the Met is using technology to dismantle criminal gangs and close down county lines.

The Commissioner said: “On average 20 police officers are assaulted every day. They do a remarkable job and all we citizens owe them a great deal of gratitude.”

She also praised the policing response of police officers and staff in London and across the country during the COVID pandemic.

“While most of the country rightly stayed at home to help slow this pandemic, police people and our colleagues in the emergency services, the NHS, care services and all those who keep the lights on were out there, facing the COVID risk as they carried out their duty – our frontline officers more than most. Every day, carrying out their duty.”

The Commissioner concluded her speech saying that reducing violent crime would remain the Met’s number one priority during her Commissionership, and looking forward to a future Metropolitan Police Service.

She said: “In 2029, the Met will be two hundred years old and I am confident that we will be even closer then to being the most trusted police service in the world.

“I know there will be challenges then as there are now. But you all will have contributed to making the police service of 2029 even better than it is today.

“It will be delivering even stronger results in tackling and preventing crime. It will be even more personal and responsive, even more diverse and have even more sustained engagement with communities.

“It will use the best of technology wisely and fairly to keep people safe.

“And policing will be made up of people like all of you and your colleagues, with very traditional values, committed as ever to the job, to saving lives, preventing harm, tackling crime and keeping the peace.”

You can watch the Commissioner’s full speech, including the question and answer session here or read a transcript of the speech here.



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