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Correction to recent story regarding conclusion of misconduct hearing

News   •   Jun 01, 2021 17:20 BST

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In a release on Friday, 28 May the MPS gave details of a misconduct hearing involving PC Laura Bottomley and PC Sam Bolger who are both attached to the North West Command Unit. Contained within were errors and media are kindly requested to note the below and change their reports accordingly and as soon as possible.

In our release we incorrectly stated that PC Bottomley had breached the standard for gross misconduct. PC Bottomley was, in fact, found to have breached the standards of misconduct only and not gross misconduct as reported.

The panel found that allegations against PC Bottomley were proven to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of Discreditable Conduct and Authority, Respect and Courtesy.

PC Sam Bolger answered allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the Standard of Professional Behaviour in respect of Discreditable Conduct, Authority, Respect and Courtesy and Equality and Diversity, his action was proven to amount to gross misconduct.

The Panel found that PC Bolger failed to treat all people fairly and with respect within the meaning of the 'Equality' aspect of the Standard of Equality and Diversity. The Panel made no finding of any breach of the 'Diversity' aspect of the Standard.

PC Bolger was cleared of using racist language towards the four men and making a racist slur when challenged by a fifth man, which then led to a physical altercation with the man. The Panel did not find that PC Bolger made any racial remarks or was aggressive to the male group.

Any other comments made that suggest the officers were found to have used racist language were wrong and should not have been published.

PC Bolger was issued a final written warning, PC Bottomley was issued a written warning.

The Metropolitan Police would like to sincerely apologise for any distress and inconvenience these errors may have caused and request that media correct information immediately on their website or other reporting.

+ It was alleged that between approximately 01:20hrs and 01:48hrs on Sunday, 5 May 2019 on Essex Road, N1 while off duty PCs Bottomley and Bolger became involved in a verbal and physical altercation with a group of four men and then a fifth man.

PC Bottomley and PC Bolger were alleged to have behaved in a provocative manner and rather than taking opportunities to walk away from an escalating situation at least on one occasion.