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Former detective found to have committed gross misconduct

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Former detective found to have committed gross misconduct

A misconduct hearing has found that a former officer who had an inappropriate relationship with a suspect would have been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service.

Former Detective Constable John McCarthy, previously based at the North Area Basic Command Unit, was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of Discreditable Conduct, Honesty and Integrity, Orders and Instructions and Authority, Respect and Courtesy at a level of gross misconduct.

Former DC McCarthy resigned from the Met on Sunday, 5 September.

The hearing, which concluded on Tuesday, 12 October, was told how former DC McCarthy engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a woman while investigating possible offences where she was the named suspect.

The inappropriate relationship, which began prior to 13 April 2017, included sexual contact with the woman. Former DC McCarthy also engaged in sexual relations while on duty on 22 March 2017, as well as on other occasions.

He continued to have an inappropriate relationship with the woman after it was determined that no further action should be taken in the investigation in which she was named as a suspect.

Superintendent Simon Crick, commander of the North Area Basic Command Unit, said: "Engaging in a sexual relationship with someone you are investigating as a suspect goes against the core principle that a police officer should discharge his or her duties with fairness, integrity and impartiality.

"The actions of this individual undermine all of the work that my officers do on a daily basis, which is courageous , professional and carried out with the highest levels of integrity.

“The one positive thing to come out of this is that this individual is no longer a police officer. I want our community to know that I am sickened by such behaviour. I hope this demonstrates my commitment and the organisation's commitment to root out any individual who abuses their position of trust as a police officer.

"The public deserve to have trust and confidence in the police and the outcome demonstrates how committed the Met is to rooting out wrongdoing within the organisation."

The hearing was also told how former DC McCarthy failed to declare a high level of outstanding debt and didn't notify the MPS about a County Court summons and subsequent County Court Judgement.

He also failed to declare gifts sent to him as is required by the Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

After considering the evidence put before the hearing, the chair, Ms Catherine Elliott, concluded that had former DC McCarthy still been a serving officer, he would have been dismissed without notice.

He will also be added to the barred list held by the College of Policing. Those appearing on the list cannot be employed by police, local policing bodies (PCCs), the Independent Office for Police Conduct or Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.