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Former officer jailed for possession of extreme pornography

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Former officer jailed for possession of extreme pornography

A former Metropolitan Police officer has been sentenced for possessing extreme pornography while he was serving with the force.

Former PC Liam Boshein, who was attached to the South Area Command Unit, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on Friday, 17 March to 42 weeks' imprisonment.

He pleaded guilty at the same court on Friday, 10 February to one count of possessing an image of extreme pornography.

After his conviction, an accelerated misconduct hearing took place at the at Empress State Building on Thursday, 9 March, where the allegations against him were proven to have breached the standards of professional behaviours of discreditable conduct at a level of gross misconduct.

Former PC Boshein would have been dismissed without notice had he still been serving. He resigned three days before the hearing on Monday, 6 March.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brittain, who is in charge of policing for the South Area (Croydon, Bromley and Sutton), said: “Boshein’s actions fell far short of the standards we demand from our police officers and it is right that he admitted to this abhorrent offence, which he committed while he was a serving officer, and has now faced the consequences of his actions through both the court and the Met’s misconduct processes.

“We took immediate action to suspend Boshein from duty when his offending came to light and a misconduct hearing was held at the earliest opportunity.

“His conviction further damages the trust with the public that the vast majority of police officers work so tirelessly every day to maintain. We are determined to have a Met that the public can trust, with officers that people feel confident to approach. When someone fails to meet these standards, we will take action to remove them from our organisation.”

The court heard that on 5 April 2021, former PC Boshein was arrested by officers from the Met on suspicion of coercive and controlling behaviour.

His phone was downloaded as part of that investigation, which is when the extreme pornographic image was discovered. No further action was taken in relation to the coercive and controlling behaviour allegation.

The extreme pornography image allegation was transferred to Hampshire Police due to the offence happening in their area.

Former PC Boshein attended a voluntary interview in respect of the image on 18 January 2022, where he denied any knowledge of it. He was subsequently charged via postal-requisition on 12 October 2022.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence at his first court hearing at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court on 10 November 2022 and opted for a trial at crown court, before changing his plea to guilty at a pre-trial hearing on Friday, 10 February.

Following the decision that former PC Boshein would have been dismissed without notice had he still been serving, he will now be added to the Barred List held by the College of Policing. Those appearing on the list cannot be employed by police, local policing bodies (PCCs), the Independent Office for Police Conduct or Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services.