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Four guilty of series of robberies across Camden and Islington

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Four guilty of series of robberies across Camden and Islington

Four members of a robbery gang have been convicted following an extensive investigation by officers from the Met’s Central North Robbery Squad.

The group consisted of:

[A] Abdurahman Haramein, 19 (03.11.02), of Corbyn Street, Islington;
[B] aged 17, of Islington;
[C] Omar Abdelqadir Hassan, 19 (26.11.02), of Hanley Road, N4;
[D] Adbirashid Mahamed, 18 (07.05.04), of Highbury Quadrant, N5.

All four appeared at Wood Green Crown Court this week, where they submitted 27 guilty pleas to robbery and possession of a bladed article spread over 19 separate offences - the hearing concluding on Tuesday, 14 June.

They are due to appear on bail at the same court for sentencing on Thursday, 24 August.

Between January and March 2021 a series of knife-enabled robberies across Camden and Islington were linked via a common motive where predominantly lone males were approached and accused of robbing one of the suspects’ cousins.

The victims would usually be led away from busy thoroughfares and into side streets where knives would be intimated, or sometimes brandished, and the victims assaulted before they were made to hand over mobile phones, cash, headphones and other valuables.

No physical injuries were reported, however each of the victims, aged between 14 to 40, were badly shaken following these incidents.

Following a diligent investigation by detectives, evidence was compiled and the four suspects were arrested and charged between Feb and October 2021.

Sergeant Christian Willans of the Central North Command Unit said: "I've no doubt the streets of Camden and Islington will be safer as a result of this investigation.

"The officers worked forensically to identify the suspects before gathering a wealth of witness accounts, CCTV, mobile phone data and ID procedures, proving their involvement and leaving them with no option but to plead guilty.

"This investigation is a prime example that robbery will absolutely not be tolerated and we will do everything in power to bring perpetrators to justice."

Robbery is the biggest contributor to youth violence in London with 24 per cent of robberies being knife enabled (FYTD 2022/23, as of 31 May).

Tackling violent crime is our top priority and our efforts are having an impact. In the financial year 2021/22 robbery offences reduced by 39 per cent with 16,440 fewer victims. The Met is ensuring a strong presence in robbery hotspots, deterring offenders and reassuring the public.

For tips and advice on keeping yourself protected from crime, including pickpocketing, personal robbery, harassment and dealing with violent situations click here.