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Latest on the policing operation in London

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Latest on the policing operation in London

Since the announcement of Her Majesty The Queen’s passing, we have been implementing a well-planned policing operation to keep all those who are visiting London and attending events safe

Hundreds of police officers from other forces have now joined Met officers in London as the policing operation following the passing of Her Majesty The Queen continues.

Speaking today, Tuesday, 13 September, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy, said: “Hundreds of police officers from other forces have now joined us in London. This is welcomed as it enables us to continue a highly visibly policing presence in central London as well as maintaining neighbourhood policing and response in other London boroughs.

“We are expecting large crowds as so many will come to pay their respects to Her Majesty The Queen. Police officers will be in the areas where people are queuing to ensure they are safe.

“We know there are some people who want to protest on a range of issues even at this time of national mourning. People have a right to freedom of expression and we must balance the rights of protesters with those of others who wish to grieve and reflect.

“Police officers and the overall policing operation exists to keep people safe; as part of that work, police officers will approach and speak to people - please don't be alarmed. They may also ask people to move if they are blocking access. I encourage everyone to display patience and communicate with each other.

“To those attending, be vigilant, and if you see or hear anything that doesn’t feel right, report it to a police officer there, or call 101; of course in an emergency, dial 999.”



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