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Man guilty of multiple non-recent sexual offences

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Man guilty of multiple non-recent sexual offences

An investigation by officers from the Met’s South East Public Protection unit has led to the conviction of a ‘manipulative sexual predator.’

Robert Wain, 59 (06.08.62), of Victoria Street, Gillingham, was convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of 35 sexual offences against children on Wednesday, 18 May.

Specifically he was found guilty of:

- 17 counts of Indecent assault on a boy under 16;
- 3 Counts of buggery;
- 6 counts of rape;
- Attempting to indecently assault a boy under 16;
- 4 counts of sexual assault of a child under 13;
- Attempting to sexually assault a child under 13;
- 3 counts of Sexual activity with a child.

He was sentenced at the same court on Wednesday, 25 May, to 24 years' imprisonment.

The court heard how in the 1990s Wain would target young vulnerable boys from area.

At the time Wain was aged in his 30s and residing in Woolwich, SE18.

A number of the children were as young as ten-years-old when the contact first started.

He would encourage them to come to his flat, where he would groom the children, buying them gifts and offering them money.

Wain sexually abused five young boys during the 1990s, but the crimes were not reported and so went undetected.

Two further victims were identified during the investigation. Wain exploited a situation by grooming and then abusing two of his friend’s children - this abuse took place in the last decade.

Once again due to the nature of the offences and Wain’s manipulative personality, this abuse was not reported.

It was not until January 2020 that one of the victims of the abuse in the 1990s came forward and made a report to police and an investigation was immediately launched.

After the initial report, the police inquiry led to names of other potential victims who were also known to attend Wain’s flats.

Officers managed to locate them and they also made allegations of sexual abuse against Wain that dated back to when they were children.

As the investigation progressed it uncovered the horrific scale of the abuse perpetrated by Wain.

Wain was charged with multiple offences in September 2020.

DC Andy Khan, the investigating officer, said:

“Robert Wain is a manipulative sexual predator who targeted, groomed and sexually abused young, vulnerable boys over a significant period of time.

“I would like to pay tribute to the seven complainants for having the strength and courage to come forward and disclose the details of the sexual abuse Wain subjected them to.

“Five of the complainants have had to live with these horrific memories for over 20 years.

“All the complainants have attended court to give evidence and once again shown immense bravery. I can’t thank them enough and I hope as a result of this trial they can start to move on with their lives, knowing their abuser has finally been brought to justice.

“What this case shows is those who have suffered non-recent sexual abuse will be supported and their allegations will be vigorously investigated; the Met police will do all it can to bring abusers to justice.

“If anyone has been the victim of non-recent sexual abuse I would urge them to come forward and tell us, we have specially trained officers who will listen and help. I know many of these victims have suffered years of torment as a result of the abuse they have suffered - by coming forward we can ensure that those responsible are properly punished.”