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Man guilty of murdering Patrick Anzy in Dalston

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Man guilty of murdering Patrick Anzy in Dalston

Three men have been convicted off offences relating to a man being gunned down on a London street.

The three appeared at Southwark Crown Court for trial and on Friday, 13 May were convicted as follows:

[A] Jermaine Jackson, 36 (27.10.85) of Princess May Road, N16, was convicted of murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

[B] Oshane Hartley, 26 (09.09.85) of Imperial Avenue, Victorian Road, N16 was convicted of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

[C] Mohamed Abrar, 25 (20.07.96) of Maury Road, N16 was convicted of assisting an offender.

They will be sentenced at the same court on 24 June.

The court heard that at 00:52hrs on Saturday, 8 May 2021 Patrick Anzy, 31, was shot three times with a MAC11 machine gun at Gillett Square in Dalston.

When police and London Ambulance Service arrived on scene Patrick was found with gunshot wounds to his neck and chest. Despite the efforts of medics he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

A post-mortem examination took place on Tuesday, 11 May and confirmed the cause of death as gunshot injuries.

An investigation was launched by homicide detectives from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command led by Detective Inspector Andrew McDonald.

During the investigation officers examined hundreds of hours of CCTV and mobile phone data that formed a plan of the movements of all three defendants on the night of the murder.

The CCTV showed Jackson confronting Patrick and his friend at Gillett Square. He then left them briefly, collecting the sub machine gun from nearby and returned, armed, to confront them again.

CCTV showed Patrick and a friend speaking with Jackson in the street. When Jackson produced the machine gun, Patrick and his friend ran in an attempt to flee, but Jackson shot Patrick in the back, causing catastrophic injuries.

Around 10-15 minutes after the murder a taxi was booked by Abrar, to collect a passenger in Boleyn Road. The passenger was Jackson.

He was taken by mini-cab to an address in Harlow where Abrar was waiting.

From there he took further cabs to Hackney, and within 12 hours of the murder had left the capital then travelled by train to Birmingham in an attempt to evade police.

He had also changed and disposed of clothing, mistakenly believing that this would prevent him being tracked by detectives.

However, Jackson was arrested in Birmingham on suspicion of murder on 15 May 2021. He was charged with Patrick’s murder on 17 May.

Hartley was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder on 12 May after officers established from CCTV analysis and phone work that he was involved in the disposal of the firearm. He was charged on 21 October with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Abrar was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender on 6 June. He was also charged on 21 October 2021.

DI Andrew McDonald said: “It was clear that the defendants had spent considerable time planning the murder and had taken steps to throw police off the scent.

“Thankfully, life is not like TV cop shows and examination of their mobile phone movements and data, supported by CCTV, gave us a detailed picture of their activities on the night of Patrick death.

“Despite this verdict, Patrick will not be returning to his family and they will continue to deal with their loss for years to come. Our thoughts are with them today.

“The firearm used in this murder was a high calibre machine gun, one not commonly seen on the streets of London or elsewhere in the UK. It was offered for sale via social media to a wider criminal network less than an hour after the murder. It still hasn’t been recovered and I urge anyone with information on the location of this firearm to contact police without delay.

“We continue to work tirelessly to identify and pursue offenders, bring them to justice and remove lethal weapons from unsafe hands. Information provided by the public can be used to great effect in this mission, please tell us what you know and help us to keep your community safe.”


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