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Mr Charles Burcombe, who was aged 81
Mr Charles Burcombe, who was aged 81

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Man jailed following fatal collision Mitcham

A man has been jailed after killing an 81-year-old grandfather in a collision in Mitcham in 2019.

Rexon Rebidelmo, 19 (26.08.02), of Eastfields in Mitcham, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and driving while uninsured and unlicensed in relation to the death of Charles Burcombe.

He appeared at Kingston Crown Court on Friday, 12 November where he was sentenced to five years and three months.

On 20 December 2019, Charles had gone out in his car with his grandson to buy baked beans when Rebidelmo hit them with his car.

At 15:40 hrs, Charles has pulled up to the junction of Framfield Road and Streatham Road with the intention of turning right. Rebidelmo had left the traffic lights at the junction of London Road as he turned into Streatham Road and accelerated hard; reaching a speed of 78 mph according to GPS data.

As Charles began to manoeuvre in to the clear road, due to the excessive speed he was travelling at Rebedelmo crashed into the side of Charles’s car. Charles died instantly from the impact. His grandson sustained minor injuries.

Rebidelmo was arrested at the scene.

Detectives from the Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command led the investigation and seized footage that showed the vehicle Rebidelmo was driving in the lead up to the collision as well as identifying him as the driver.

GPS technology was used to track the movements of the vehicle leading up to the collision. It showed that Rebidelmo had been driving around the local area of Mitcham and Morden prior to the collision reaching speeds of approximately 58 mph along streets that are 20 mph. Tracking data also revealed that two seconds before impact the vehicle was travelling at 81 mph. Streatham Road has a 20 mph speed limit.

At the point of impact the car was travelling at 56 mph.

Rebidelmo provided no comment to all questions put to him by detectives during interview.

Detective Constable Victor Barkes from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, who led the investigation said: “This is a heartbreaking and tragic case where an innocent man has lost his life and the lives of so many others have been shattered by the careless and dangerous actions of Rexon Rebidelmo. I hope that today’s outcome can provide some comfort at this incredibly difficult time.

“Rebidelmo showed plain disregard for the lives of others as he drove at excessive speeds along 20mph roads. When he saw Charles’ car it was too late, he was driving too fast to avoid hitting Charles and his grandson. As this case tragically underscore, speeding can have fatal consequences.”




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