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Man jailed for 15 years for aggravated house robbery in Hackney

News   •   Oct 03, 2019 21:33 BST

Jailed - Jason Brown

A man has been jailed following an aggravated house robbery in Hackney.

Jason Brown, 41 (22.11.77) of no fixed address, had been found guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday, 13 August for robbing a man in his home.

He was also found guilty on one charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, due to the violence that occurred during this incident.

Brown was sentenced on Thursday, 3 October to 15 years’ imprisonment.

On Thursday, 7 February, the victim was inside his apartment on Reighton Road, when another man knocked on his door and asked if he could have a bit of money for the electric in his house, which he claimed was only two doors along.

The victim gave him some change, describing the man as “friendly” after the interaction.

No less than ten minutes later, at around 16:00hrs, Brown returned to the victim’s home with another male. They attempted to force their way into the flat, before the occupant let them in as he believed he was just coming back to pay him the money he had borrowed.

They pushed past him into the property and started searching through his belongings. Another taller male appeared at the doorway and also entered the property.

At this point, Brown, who had started taking things from the house, then hit the victim in the face multiple times, leaving him with a broken jaw.

Brown also threatened him with a knife before locking him in the bathroom.

The three continued to ransack the location before escaping out of the front door and out of sight. The victim, badly wounded and beaten, ran out of the house and flagged down some officers who were dealing with a nearby incident.

Brown was then arrested on Tuesday, 19 February and charged two days later.

The victim read a statement in court that said: “During the robbery I was repeatedly punched causing me to have a broken jaw, as well as having property stolen.

“The more I was saying ‘don’t hurt me, just take my stuff’ the more he was beating me. He then went to the kitchen and got a knife. I was really scared and thought I was going to have my throat cut.”

DC Tom Lockwood of the Central East Proactive Crime Squad led the investigation, and said: “This was a brutal robbery on an innocent victim who was just trying to enjoy his day off of work.

“Brown manipulated the victim into believing he was a friendly neighbour, before savagely beating and robbing him of many valuable items and equipment, as well as sentimental objects and jewellery.

“His actions have left more than just physical wounds on the victim – it will have been a traumatic experience which would leave anyone feeling unsafe and afraid in their own home. I hope that his conviction and resulting sentence will provide a level of closure and peace and protect the public from this violent male.

“There were two other men involved in the attack who we are continuing to investigate. If anybody has any information from the day, or saw the suspects leaving the location of the incident, please contact us and let us know.”