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Man jailed for murdering his wife

News   •   Jul 19, 2019 15:45 BST

[Jailed: Jalal Uddin]

A man who stabbed his wife more than 50 times after she challenged him for gambling away their money has been jailed for her murder.

Jalal Uddin, 47, (01.06.72), of City Island Way, E14, was sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 19 years, at the Old Bailey on Thursday, 18 July for the murder of his wife Asma Begum, 31.

Uddin was unanimously found guilty by a jury at the same court on Wednesday, 17 July.

Police were called by the London Ambulance Service shortly after 16:00hrs on Friday, 11 January to the flat where the couple lived in City Island Way. They arrived to find Asma in the kitchen, suffering multiple stab and slash wounds to her head, neck and elsewhere on her body. Asma was pronounced dead at the scene at 16:17hrs.

Asma’s husband, Jalal Uddin, handed himself in at Croydon police station at around 01:00hrs on Saturday, 12 January.

Uddin was arrested on 12 January and charged with murder the following day. He appeared in custody at Thames Magistrates' Court on Monday, 14 January and was remanded for an Old Bailey trial which commenced on Monday, 1 July.

Detective Inspector Brett Hagen, of the Specialist Crime Command, led the investigation. It was established that Uddin has murdered Asma at some point between 10:25hrs and 14:15hrs on 11 January.

DI Hagen said: “Asma Begum was a kind and loving mother to three young children. She was doing her level best to make ends meet whilst reliant on benefits to support herself and her family.

“Her husband, Jalal Uddin, had a gambling addiction and continually wasted what little money they had on betting. The day before her brutal death, Uddin withdrew £200 in cash from Asma’s bank account and gambled it away within an hour of withdrawing the money from the cashpoint. That money was meant to be used to provide food and sundries for his family.

“The following day, when Asma challenged Uddin about the cash, she was subjected to a sustained knife attack, which left her with truly horrific injuries and in excess of 50 stab and slash wounds to her head and neck.

“Asma’s lifeless body was found by her family members. The scene greeting them and the emergency services personnel who attended that day will invariably live with them forever. Uddin was seen walking calmly away from their block of flats in Tower Hamlets and he subsequently handed himself into a police station several hours later stating to the station officer: ‘My wife hurt me.’

“I hope this sentence can be of some small comfort to Asma’s grieving family.”

Asma and Uddin had been married in Bangladesh in August 2007. They had a son and twin daughters. The boy was aged ten years and the girls were four years old at the time of Asma’s murder.

Asma’s family paid tribute to her in a statement. They said: “Asma was more than just a mother, wife, sister and aunt. She was an amazing mother who put her children first at all costs.

“Anyone who met her could always find a friend in her. She was loving, caring and always filled any room with laughter.

“This is a huge loss to our family, three children have lost their mother. We have lost a sister, an aunt and friend. The hole that has been left in our lives can never be filled.

“This monster has taken everything from us, even our last chance to say goodbye, kiss her, touch her, just be close to her.

“This ongoing nightmare we have suffered as a family, the trauma of her being murdered and going through the investigation and this trial, seeing what injuries she suffered, his denial of remember, which is an insult to her and us, is just too much…the pain is almost unbearable.

“As a family we will remember my aunt for who she truly was, the epitome of a loving mother, caring sister, happy, funny aunt and lifelong friend who was taken from us far too soon."