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Man sentenced to hospital order after pleading guilty to manslaughter of sister

News   •   Nov 13, 2019 20:27 GMT

Image: Khalid Ashraf

A brother who killed his sister has been sentenced to a Hospital Order under Section 37 of the Mental Health on Wednesday, 13 November following a hearing at the Old Bailey.

Khalid Ashraf, 32 (16.11.86), of East Ferry Road, E14 pleaded guilty at the same court to the manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility of his 35-year-old sister, Sarah Ashraf, by choking her to death.

Police were called on Saturday, 5 January at 18:20hrs by a neighbour who had concerns after seeing blood on the front door of Khalid Ashraf’s two bedroom flat in Tower Hamlets where his sister had come to visit.

On arrival to the address, the blood had been removed. Once inside, officers found Sarah’s lifeless body in a bedroom. They spoke with Ashraf who admitted that he had choked her. Following this, Ashraf was arrested and taken into custody.

A post-mortem examination was carried out on Monday, 7 January, which confirmed the cause of death as compression of the neck. Sarah’s next of kin were informed.

Detectives from Specialist Crime (North) carried out an investigation that involved reviewing ‘officers’ Body Worn Video and other CCTV, as well analysing mobile phone data and speaking to those who knew Sarah and Khalid. Blood samples found in various rooms of the flat were forensically examined and confirmed as Sarah’s.

It was believed that Sarah had come to stay with her brother as she was concerned for his mental health although he had not been diagnosed with any illness.

During questioning Ashraf stated he had killed Sarah because he was instructed to do so by Satan and his Buddhist leader.

Ashraf was charged with his sister’s murder on Tuesday, 8 January. He appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court the same day.

Subsequently Ashraf underwent a mental health assessment where it was established that he had a disease of the mind, namely paranoid psychosis. Medical professionals concluded that Khalid was mentally ill at the material time.

On Monday, 2 September at the Old Bailey Khalid Ashraf pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. This was accepted by the Crown.

He was sentenced to a Hospital Order under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act 1983, with a restriction under Section 41 – which means that he will be detained in a mental health institution until he is deemed fit and no longer a risk to the public.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Considine of Specialist Crime said: “The Ashraf family have been devastated by this tragic event. Sarah recognised that her brother’s mental health was deteriorating and went to his flat to care for him.

“We will never know what the catalyst was that led to Khalid killing his sister but he and his family will have to live with the loss of their loved one for the remainder of their lives.

“I would urge anyone that is concerned about the mental health of a friend or family member to seek help on their behalf.”