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Man who stabbed his flatmate to death convicted of murder

News   •   Jun 25, 2020 18:06 BST

Convicted: Carlos Velez

A man who stabbed his flatmate to death after he falsely accused him of kissing his girlfriend has been convicted of murder.

Carlos Velez, 20 (22.05.00) was convicted today (Thursday, 25 June) of murdering 26-year-old David Martinez after a nine-day trial at the Old Bailey.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday, 26 June.

The court heard that David had been living with Velez, as well as Velez's girlfriend and mother, in a flat in North Birkbeck Road, E11.

On 6 March 2019, Velez had an argument with his girlfriend after he demanded to know what she had been doing in the kitchen with David.

On this day, David messaged his cousins to say Velez was “all crazy and was asking if had kissed his girlfriend” and “I am going to try to go on Friday else I’ll end up dead”.

Velez’s girlfriend, who had been in her room, then went into the kitchen and saw Velez attacking David with a knife.

She saw Velez stab him a number of times in the head and stomach.

Despite his injuries, David managed to run out of the flat and alert nearby pedestrians who called 999.

Police and paramedics rushed to the scene and treated him, however he died a short time later due to the severity of his injuries.

Velez had fled from the flat immediately after the incident carrying the knife. He walked to a nearby the station and then travelled down to Portsmouth to stay with a friend.

Velez had disposed of the clothing in Portsmouth in an effort to destroy evidence, but was arrested in the early hours of the next day travelling on a bicycle on the hard shoulder of the M27 near Portsmouth.

He was interviewed and he denied any involvement in the murder and gave a detailed account of how he wasn’t there at the time and was later robbed at knifepoint. He then told detectives he was starting to see visions. 

During the trial, he admitted to his account being a lie and stated he had suffered a three-month period of amnesia.

Velez was charged with murder after his fingerprints were found inside David's blood in the kitchen of the flat.

Detective Inspector David Hillier, of Specialist Crime, said: “This is an extremely tragic case in which a young man has lost his life at the hands of another young man, who didn’t like the fact he had talked to his girlfriend.

“Carlos Velez is an extremely dangerous and possessive individual, with a history of resorting to violence, when he saw other men simply look in the direction of his girlfriend, I am glad the jury has seen through his attempt to escape responsibility for his actions and that he will now spend a long period of time in jail thinking about the consequences of what he has done."