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​Met Police urge people not to drink and drive

News   •   Dec 01, 2020 18:30 GMT

This December officers are warning people about the dangers of drink and drug driving.

A total of 4,406 drivers were caught drink or drug-driving on the UK’s roads during a two week period last December.

As a result of their actions, 884 drivers were involved in a road traffic collision.

Drinking or taking drugs and driving endangers yourself and other road users while increasing the risk of causing an accident on the road.

Between Tuesday, 1 December and Thursday, 31st December, officers from the Met’s Road and Transport Policing Command will be targeting drink and drug drivers through a range of activities including; dedicated patrols and facilitating voluntary breath tests with members of the public.

Inspector Neal Donohoe, from the Roads and Transport Policing Command, said: “Ahead of the Christmas season, London has been placed under the tier 2 (high alert) restrictions which means certain pubs and bars will be open again.

“There is more temptation to drink or drug drive at this time of year, but please avoid it at all costs. It could cost you your licence and you could potentially take your own, or somebody else’s life.

“This is so easily preventable by simply not getting behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs.”

Drink and drug driving is immensely dangerous and increases the chance of causing an accident and potentially killing or seriously injuring yourself, another road user or a pedestrian.

Please stay safe and act responsibly this winter.