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[JAILED: Welio and Smillie]
[JAILED: Welio and Smillie]

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Pair jailed for cowardly cashpoint robberies in east London

A man and a woman who carried out a series of ‘cowardly’ robberies on elderly people at cashpoints in Newham and Tower Hamlets have been jailed.

Anton Welio, 34 (27.12.86), and Stephanie Smillie, 34 (30.07.87), both of Philpot Street, E1, pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court and were sentenced to five years’ imprisonment each.

Welio was convicted of 13 counts of robbery and Smillie 11 counts.

The court heard the pair would target elderly men and women as they were withdrawing money from cash machines.

They would often steal hundreds of pounds from the victims. On one occasion, they seized £500.

Welio would approach them from behind start talking to them, then push them aside and take their money. Smillie would be a look out and they would both then run away.

The majority of the offences were carried out at cashpoints in Newham in 2020. Detective Constable Raf Patel and Detective Sergeant Keith Faris, from the North East Burglary and Robbery Unit, identified Welio and Smillie after they conducted a CCTV trawl. They also visited victims and obtained statements.

On 28 January 2021, Welio and Smillie were both arrested and interviewed. They both gave no comment to all questions.

They were both charged the following day and remanded in police custody. They were convicted and sentenced on Friday, 10 September at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Detective Constable Raf Patel said: “This pair carried out a series of cowardly robberies on elderly people who were withdrawing cash.

“This sort of crime creates fear in some of the most vulnerable members of society, who may already have felt concerned about going out in public during the height of the pandemic.

“Welio and Smillie have quite rightly been jailed and will now be unable to cause any harm to people in Newham and Tower Hamlets.”




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