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Police officer given written warning

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Police officer given written warning

Misconduct proceedings against a serving police officer have concluded.

PC Philip Rosa, attached to the Central West Command Unit, answered allegations that his actions breached the standards of authority, respect and courtesy, orders and instructions in respect of use of force amounting to discreditable conduct.

The hearing was held in public from Monday 1 November and concluded on 11 November.

It was alleged that whilst on duty in Fulham on 29 September 2019, PC Rosa used CS spray repeatedly through a partially open door toward a suspect to effect an arrest. Officer’s colleagues were also affected by the spray, the use of which did not assist in the arrest.

On 7 October 2019 it was alleged that while responding to reports of a male causing an incident on a street in Fulham, PC Rosa punched the suspect in the face and body.

The independent legally qualified chair found the allegations to be proven and PC Rosa was given a written warning.