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Preventing violence against women and girls

News   •   May 14, 2021 09:10 BST

Every day, officers in the Met are working closely with partners across the Capital to deliver a safe environment for women and girls to go about their daily business without fear of becoming a victim of crime.

Officers remain determined to bring offenders to justice, support victims, tackle domestic abuse and improve the safety of London’s public spaces. On Thursday, 13 May, Met teams across every London borough joined together in a co-ordinated operation to maximise its impact and provide reassurance to the public on how we are working to prevent violence against women and girls.

Each borough had local enforcement and engagement activity, including executing arrest warrants, going after wanted offenders and providing extra patrols of open spaces. Known offenders were targeted with compliance checks or visits aimed at preventing re-offending and to help break their cycle of violence.

Reassurance patrols were increased in public spaces, with officers also taking the opportunity to speak to communities about what we have been, and continue to do.

Officers also visited pubs and other venues to talk to staff about how they can help keep their customers safe as the lockdown further eases next week. Targeted engagement also took place with other local businesses such as cab companies and hotels, focusing on the role they can play, and training and information we can provide to their staff.

Local policing teams were joined by a range of Met colleagues, including the Predatory Offenders Units, the Violent Crime Taskforce, Mounted Branch and members of the Special Constabulary. Partners and other agencies supported the action, including Transport for London, British Transport Police and the City of London Police.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, said: “We are absolutely committed to tackling violence against women and girls, working tirelessly to target the perpetrators, prioritising action against sexual and violent, predatory offenders.

“We recognise there is always more to do, which includes immediate and longer-term action to tackle this issue.

“To demonstrate the work that we are doing, action was co-ordinated across the Met yesterday including going after wanted offenders, additional patrols in public spaces and engaging with the community and businesses. 117 people were arrested in a series of reactive and proactive arrests for offences including domestic assault, sexual offences, and violence against women and girls as part of ongoing investigations.

“We want all women and girls to feel safe anywhere in London and have the confidence to come to us when they are not.”