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Statement regarding Operation Midland

News   •   Aug 06, 2019 18:55 BST

Statement from Deputy Commissioner Sir Stephen House regarding Operation Midland:

“The impact of Carl Beech’s false allegations and the Operation Midland investigation on many people has been truly dreadful and damaging to them and their families. The then Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, apologised in person to those most affected by the case. We remain deeply sorry.

“The MPS commissioned Sir Richard Henriques to undertake a review of Operation Midland because we were determined to learn lessons about our handling of the investigation. The MPS has already embedded the majority of Sir Richard’s recommendations in our working practices.

“As a result of Sir Richard’s report, we voluntarily referred ourselves to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. This referral included the applications for search warrants. We fully cooperated with the IPCC (and the now IOPC) independent investigation which lasted more than two years and, having examined all the evidence, did not identify any criminal offences or misconduct. The IPCC / IOPC was the appropriate body to conduct this investigation.

“The MPS has already published a redacted version of Sir Richard’s report pending the investigation and subsequent trial of Carl Beech. We will publish as full a version of the report as possible, as soon as we can, now proceedings are complete.”