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Three jailed for the murder of Ebrima Cham

News   •   Aug 17, 2021 14:30 BST

Victim: Ebrima Cham

Three men have been jailed for the murder of a 35-year-old man who was fatally stabbed in Hounslow in December 2019.

After an 11-week trial at the Old Bailey, on Wednesday, 26 May, a jury convicted the trio of the murder of Ebrima Cham.

On Monday 16 August they were sentenced as follows:

Emeka Dawuda-Wodu, 19 (01.10.2001) of no fixed address – 31 years

Simon Emmons, 40 (01.10.1980) of Barnes – 31 years

Zimele Dube, 33 (22.02.1988) of Wembley – 28 years

Two of the defendants, along with two others, were also sentenced for perverting the course of justice in relation to the murder of 53-year-old William Algar, whose remains were discovered during a search of his home address in Nowell Road SW13 on Friday, 3 January 2020.

Proceedings for the two murders were joined, with both dealt with during the 11-week trial in May.

Dawuda-Wodu pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. On Monday 16 August, he was sentenced to six years imprisonment – to run concurrent with the murder sentence.

He was found not guilty of Mr Alger’s murder.

+ Dawuda-Wodu was additionally sentenced to 11 years, three months for a GBH with intent in relation to an unrelated matter for which he was found guilty following trial. This sentence will run concurrent.

Simon Emmons, 40 (01.10.1980) of Barnes was sentenced to nine years for perverting the course of justice after being found guilty after the trial in May. The sentence is to run concurrent to the murder sentence.

Jayano Lucima, 19 (04.05.2002) of Hounslow and Marc Harding, 45 (11.01.1976) of The Drive, Isleworth were each sentenced to three years, three months for perverting the course of justice. Lucima was convicted after the trial in May and Harding pleaded guilty ahead of the trial.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicky Tunstall said: “I would personally like to thank all those witnesses who gave evidence about the murders and subsequent confessions. They knew how violent this gang were and the defendant’s readiness to use the most extreme violence. Despite this, these witnesses still had the courage to come forward and tell the court what had happened. Some of the witnesses were drug takers, but they attended court and gave evidence. Justice often depends on the bravery of such people and I applaud their actions.

“The sentences passed down by the courts – especially in relation to the murder of Brim Cham – properly reflect the danger these men represent to society and the public can feel confident they will be off the streets for a very long time. I would like to praise the family of Brim Cham and the dignity they showed throughout these very difficult proceedings.”

The court heard Ebrima Cham was 35-years-old when he was murdered on December 19, 2019. He lived at various places around the Hounslow area.

Ebrima had developed a reputation for robbing other drug dealers and it is believed that one of these robberies led him into confrontation with Zimele Dube.

On the day of the murder, Cham was staying at a flat in Grove Road, Hounslow. After they found out he was at the address, Dube and Emmons and Dawuda-Woda got in contact with each other by phone and all three set off to the flat in a car that was being driven by a friend.

At around 11:15am all three went to the flat door and when no one answered they broke the door down and rushed in.

Ebrima was found a short while later lying on the kitchen floor, he had been repeatedly stabbed. Meanwhile the three assailants had returned to the car and were driven from the scene.

Police and paramedics attended the stabbing, but despite their efforts Ebrima was pronounced dead.

At a post mortem examination on Saturday, 21 December it was discovered that Ebrima had been stabbed 11 times, but it was a deep wound to his chest that proved fatal.

The team of detectives investigating the murder located CCTV of the car used by Dube, Emmons and Dawuda-Woda.

As a result, police were able to track them down and arrest them, although the actual driver of the car was not found to have been involved in the killing.

William Algar’s remains were found at his Barnes address after he had been reported missing on Thursday, 2 January by a family member who had not seen or heard from him for a number of weeks.

After this date there was no further trace of him until Friday, 3 January 2020 when officers went to his address and found his partially dismembered body.

The exact circumstances of Mr Algar’s death are not known, but he was last seen alive on 1 December 2019, cycling to a cashpoint along Castlenau in Barnes.

It was the prosecution’s case that Dawudu-Wodu, Emmons, Lucima and Harding were all involved in the movement and disposal of Mr Algar’s body.

Searches on Emmon’s phone were conducted on Tuesday, 17 December, he had typed: “Can acid dissolve a body?” and ten minutes late on “Hydroflouric acid/Breaking Bad wiki”. An apparent reference to a TV series in which men attempt to dispose of a body in a bath.

Lucima was also involved in the body disposal and made his way to a shop where he purchased a number of household cleaning products: bleach, washing-up liquid, J-cloths and black bin bags.

A jury heard that on 18 December, Dawudu-Woku, Emmons and Harding, picked up bags and a suitcase and then travelled in a cab to a road just off Nowell Road. They took the bags and suitcases with them and told the cab driver to wait for them. When they returned it took two of them to carry the suitcase.

They then got the cab driver to take them to Simpson Road – which leads directly onto Hounslow Heath. Police later recovered body parts belonging Mr Algar on Hounslow Heath.

A post mortem examination gave Mr Algar’s cause of death as a stab wound to the chest.