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UPDATE: Met receives dozens of referrals relating to alleged war crimes

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UPDATE: Met receives dozens of referrals relating to alleged war crimes

The Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team has received dozens of referrals relating to alleged war crimes linked to the Ukraine conflict, and is renewing its call for anyone in the UK with direct evidence of potential war crimes to come forward.

The Met’s War Crimes Team, which is part of the Counter Terrorism Command, has been gathering evidence in relation to alleged war crimes in Ukraine in support of the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation, which was confirmed on Wednesday, 2 March.

As of Friday, 22 April, the Met had received around 50 referrals, which are in the process of being assessed by specialist officers and detectives.

Of these referrals, which have been received from people across the whole of the UK, the majority relate to incidents across Ukraine since the latest phase of the conflict began in February, and, specifically what appear to be attacks against the civilian population.

Anyone with direct evidence of possible war crimes in Ukraine can report them via an online reporting portal

Detective Chief Superintendent Dominic Murphy, Head of Operations for the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “Since the start of the recent military activity in February, our officers have been proactively engaging with Ukrainian communities in the UK. This is to make sure anyone here in the UK who has received direct evidence of potential war crimes knows that this can be reported to us, but also to make sure that anyone affected by these terrible events can also be given the support and help that they might need.

“We’ve had around 50 referrals into us and we expect that number to grow over the coming weeks as more and more people who fled from Ukraine arrive here in the UK. We want to make sure those people know we’re here and that we’re ready to receive any evidence of war crimes from them, as well as provide them with the support and help that they might need in relation to that.

“I’d also ask any households across the country who have volunteered to host Ukrainian people that should you come into contact with anyone who might have been witness to, or victim of possible war crimes, then you encourage them to contact us. Please let them know we are here and that we can help them.”

The War Crimes Team has national responsibility for carrying out any UK enquiries into war crimes and core international crimes. The ongoing appeal is for anyone in the UK who may have direct evidence of war crimes in Ukraine from 21 November 2013 to present.

Officers are particularly keen to hear from anyone who may themselves have witnessed or been the victim of any war crimes in Ukraine at any time from 21 November 2013 onwards.

Evidence provided to and gathered by the Met’s War Crimes Team may then be shared with the ICC to assist with their ongoing investigation.

To report a suspected war crime to the War Crimes team, visit our online reporting tool

Officers from the War Crimes Team are also working closely with relevant UK Government and NGO (non-governmental organisation) agencies, as well as consulting with international partners to help coordinate the gathering and provision of evidence to the ICC.




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