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Crucial DNA evidence secured by detectives results in guilty murder plea

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Crucial DNA evidence secured by detectives results in guilty murder plea

Officers secured crucial DNA evidence from clothing and a murder weapon to convict a man for the murder of his ex-partner’s new boyfriend.

In the days prior to the attack on Rafioullah Malik, detectives discovered Oscar Castano-Colque had bombarded his ex-girlfriend with text messages, Instagram messages and voice notes declaring his love for her and that their relationship wasn’t over.

On 28 February 2023, apparently driven by the desire to rekindle his relationship at any cost, Castano-Colque stabbed Rafioullah repeatedly on-board a bus in Oxford Circus.

Rafioullah was taken to hospital where he later died from his injuries on 23 March 2023. By this point, police had already identified, arrested and charged Castano-Colque with assaulting Rafioullah.

Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley who led the investigation said: “Castano-Colque could not accept his relationship was over and his former girlfriend had moved on. On the day of the attack we tracked his movements on CCTV to target the bus Rafioullah Malik was on in order to carry out his vicious and determined attack.

“After stabbing Rafioullah numerous times, Castano-Colque left the bus and attempted to throw away his coat and the murder weapon. In the immediate search after the incident, we recovered both of these key pieces of evidence and DNA testing irrefutably linked Castano-Colque to the murder. This coupled with CCTV from on board the bus which captured the entirety of this crime, meant Castano-Colque had no choice but to plead guilty.”

Not only did police recover the discarded bloodstained clothing worn by Castano-Colque and the knife with DNA from both the victim and attacker, passenger data from the bus shows Castano-Colque used his bank card to tap into the bus moments before the attack.

Officers soon identified Castano-Colque as the man responsible and arrested him just a few days after the attack.

On Thursday 22 February at Croydon Crown Court, Oscar Castano-Colque, 21 (17.12.02) Woodfarrs, SE5 was sentenced to 25 years and six months in prison for the murder of Rafioullah Malik. He had pleaded guilty to the offence at an earlier hearing.




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