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Met sets out public order conditions ahead of events this weekend

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Met sets out public order conditions ahead of events this weekend

A policing operation will take place this weekend covering a march organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and a counter-protest by Enough is Enough in central London.

Officers will also police the annual Trooping the Colour – The Colonel’s Review on Horse Guards Parade and continue policing local communities across the capital.

The PSC will hold their 18th protest since 9 October 2023, and the Met recognises the cumulative impact these have on Londoners, including on London’s Jewish communities.

The goal has been to protect the lawful right to protest while minimising the impact of these events. Police do not have the power to ban protest unless there is a risk of serious disorder. 

The Met has engaged with the PSC in relation to the start time, starting point, and route for the march and used powers to place conditions on the protest to ensure we minimise the serious disruption to the community and balance the rights of all.  

The same approach has been taken with the counter-protest.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Andy Valentine, who is leading this weekend’s policing operation, said: 

“Everyone in London has a right to protest, and we continue to balance that with every Londoner’s right to go about their lives without fear or serious disruption. 

“We have been in discussions with the PSC, Enough is Enough, religious leaders from both the Jewish and Muslim communities, community groups and businesses. 

“The conditions put in place on the PSC march and the Enough is Enough counter-protest consider and balance the impact these events have on London and the right to protest, and seek to minimise disruption. 

“We recognise the strong views of those participating in both protests. We urge everyone to exercise their right to protest calmly and within the law to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

“We have faced unprecedented public order demand since October and continue to take rapid enforcement action against anyone who crosses the line during events.” 


The PSC march will form up in Russell Square, WC1 until 1330 hours on Saturday 8 June. The march will follow a route down Southampton Row, Kingsway, Aldwych, Arundel Street, Temple Place, Victoria Embankment, Horse Guards Avenue, Whitehall, and end in Parliament Square.

The Enough is Enough counter-protest will form on the Strand on the junction of Milford Lane after 1230 hours.

The Public Order Act gives police the power to impose conditions on a procession or assembly of two or more people who are deemed to have a common purpose. 

Since October, the Met has used the proactive imposition of conditions more extensively than during any other period of protest in recent memory.   

As a result, police are able to control the route of protests, their duration, their start and finish times, the details of any static assemblies and the ability of those involved to get near to sensitive sites or into communities where fears are most heightened.   

Conditions can be imposed either in advance of an event or by the senior officer present during an event. 

On Saturday, the following conditions will be in place relating to the PSC event: 

Section 12 Public Order Act 1986:

· The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Coalition Partners procession must not move off from the form up point in Russell Square until 1330 hours.

· Any person participating in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign & Coalition Partners procession must not deviate from the specified route shown on the attached map [1]. (See below)

Section 14 Public Order Act 1986:

· Any person participating in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign & Coalition Partners rally must remain within the area Whitehall and Parliament Square, indicated in red on the attached map [2]. (See below)

· The PSC and Coalition Partners stage may only be set up in Parliament Square in the place indicated on the attached map.

· The PSC & Coalition Partners rally must cease by 1700 hours and participants must have dispersed by 1800 hours.

On Saturday, the following conditions will be in place relating to the Enough is Enough counter-protest: 

Section 14 Public Order Act 1986:

· Participants in the Enough is Enough assembly must remain in the area on the Strand indicated on the attached map. [3] (See below)

· The assembly participants must not gather before 1230 hours and the assembly must conclude no later than 1600 hours.




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