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Update on Met public order policing on 9 March

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Update on Met public order policing on 9 March

While there are a number of policing operations still ongoing around sporting fixtures, the majority of protests and demonstrations have now drawn to a close.

Over 2,300 officers have policed 11 major events throughout the day, including 500 officers from outside the Met who have assisted on mutual aid.

Events policed have included eight football matches, an international rugby fixture, and protests with the main marches calling for an end to violence against women and girls and a demonstration relating to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

There was no significant public order disturbance in any protest today.

In total there have been five arrests today:

  • one man was arrested under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. He had been seen earlier in the demonstration carrying a shield and wearing a helmet, and was under active observation by officers who conducted an arrest at an appropriate time.
  • one woman was arrested under Section 18 of the Public Order Act for holding an offensive placard.
  • two men were arrested under Section 18 of the Public Order Act for chanting offensive slogans.
  • one man was arrested for assault.

During the main pro-Palestinian protest march, a further man was arrested for assault during an altercation between protesters and counter protesters in order to prevent a breach of the peace. After officers fully reviewed footage provided of the incident he was later de-arrested. Despite online commentary, he was not arrested for what was displayed on a placard.

As with all protests, our policing effort does not end as the crowd disperses. Evidence gathered during the protest will continue to be investigated and further inquiries and arrests will be conducted as appropriate.




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