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Met to increase pay for thousands of officers beyond seven per cent award from Government

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Met to increase pay for thousands of officers beyond seven per cent award from Government

The Metropolitan Police has announced it is awarding its officers a further pay increase, in addition to the seven per cent pay award from the Government.

From September:

  • All police officers in the Met will see their annual salary increase by an additional £1,000 per annum (excluding the most senior ranks – Commander to Commissioner).
  • New recruits who complete their training and pass out as warranted officers will also receive an additional £100 per month in their salaries.
  • The Met will now work with trade unions to negotiate and finalise an equivalent pay award for police staff.

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “We are determined to deliver the best police service we can for Londoners. To achieve that we need to be able to recruit and retain the best people which, in the current economic climate and with such a competitive job market, is challenging.

“We also need to set our existing officers up to succeed and recognise the extraordinary work they do. We will continue to fight their corner on the issues that matter to them the most and fair pay is a very important part of that picture.

“We lobbied hard for fair pay, not just because it is the right thing to do but because to deliver a quality service for communities we must have a highly motivated and effective workforce.

“The seven per cent award from Government was welcome. However, we believe strongly that we must go further for our officers in order to address the spiralling cost of living and the additional financial challenges faced by officers and staff that relate to working in London.

“We recognise that financial pressures extend beyond officers and impacts our staff just as much. We’re pleased we’ve been able to set aside additional funding – equivalent to that allocated to give police officers a pay award – for our hardworking staff.

“Discussions with trade unions will begin as soon as possible to deliver on our commitment to them.”

General Secretary of the Met Federation, Paul Deller, said: “The Met Federation welcomes the Commissioner’s decision to award officers an additional £1,000 on top of the seven per cent pay award recommended by the Police Remuneration Review Body.

“This demonstrates how far policing has fallen behind in terms of pay. The Commissioner has recognised this and has been vocal in his calls for a substantial pay rise. The additional money is welcome for officers struggling with the cost of living crisis. It demonstrates that the Commissioner does care about those that he leads in terms of their pay and conditions.

“Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of annual pay rises that restores police pay to the correct levels, having fallen as much as 17 per cent behind in the last 10 years.“

Next week the Met’s new recruitment campaign will launch, inviting Londoners to consider a career in policing in one of many rewarding roles.

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